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Texas Bluebonnet Herders

Australian Shepherds  

My name is Natasha Simpson, and I am the owner here at Texas Bluebonnet Herders, I live in  Texas. I have been showing and helping to train and raise dogs since I was 9 years old with AKC and this year(2017) I started to join American Stock Dog Registry(ASDR). Keep updated through the page “Show News.” In 2019 we have added some AKC Australian Shepherds and are very excited to see them in the show ring.


I breed to further the Australian Shepherd breed. My dogs all live in the house with my family and I. The puppies are born in our home and are loved on and cuddled every day and get visitors at 4 weeks of age.


My Focus here at Texas Bluebonnet herders is to:


1: To breed top quality dogs in the areas of conformation, color, and temperament

2:To stay true to the traditional “Aussie Type”

Aussies  are friendly and perpetual puppies who love to play with their human friends.  Loyal and affectionate, they are excellent play buddies for children.  A true friend and companion, they are eager to please and learn very quickly.  The Mini Aussie comes in various color choices.  The four main ones are red tri-color, black tri-color, red merle, and blue merle.  Eye color is brown, blue, amber , or any  variation and combination, including flecks and/or marbling.

The Australian Shepherd is a high profile dog here in West Texas because they have been working dogs on sheep and cattle ranches throughout the years. I am so excited to be breeding these remarkable dogs! 


Please feel free to email or call us (806-577-5204) if you are interested in a puppy or have any questions.

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